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Jake's Health Corner

By Jake Boly, Staff Writer

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If you were to look up the definition of moderation, what would you find? A definition stating that it is the avoidance of extremes, or the action of making something bearable; less extreme.

Sorry, "clean eaters," if you think eating in moderation is eating whatever you want as long as it fits your calories, because you're wrong. Moderation is knowing that you can eat a serving of ice cream every day along with whole micronutrient dense foods that fit your calories and hit your macros without impeding your progress. My goal is not to teach the habits of eating whatever you want, when you want. Obviously, there needs to be self-policing done when determining your food choices for the day. I eat ice cream or cookies everyday, but that's on top of hitting my macronutrient goals with plenty of whole foods.

If you eat in moderation you're pretty much following the IIFYM protocol. IIFYM isn't a diet; it's a philosophy that teaches habits like self-control, common sense, adaptation and confidence. It's a philosophy that bases its principals on enjoying life while also progressing towards goals.

A possible scenario might help…you go to a friend's function where there is a lot of food. You haven't eaten anything you desire in a long time because "you're on a diet." You tell yourself, "I won't eat that much." One taste, and boom! You've eaten more than you ever intended because you've been deprived for so long. Moderation teaches eating socially, in the moment or when you want to, with common sense and self-policing.

What's the point of following a generic media diet? They don't know you; you know you. Your diet won't look like mine and mine won't look like yours. This is where moderation beats all diets. You customize your macros, you customize the foods you eat, and you customize your happiness. If you have trouble constructing a diet that you enjoy and that fits your needs, there are plenty of resources out there and I'm always here to help.

Moderation: the act of using common sense to dictate a diet you enjoy that fits your needs and progresses you towards your goals.

Simple as that!

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