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Jake's Health Corner

By Jake Boly , Staff Writer

Yes, that's right: Valentine's Day just passed. The day where it is socially acceptable to pig out and check yourself into the hospital for a chocolate coma.

What do you do? Do you indulge in all of the delicious food and good times Valentine's has to offer? Or do you stray away and try to stay on track?

We have those who partake in everything the day has to offer, never thinking twice about downing that extra pound of chocolate. Then there are those who demonize the candy and sweets that people unthinkingly consume.


All this being said, I took a walk down the middle of that road to create a list of ideas to survive the inevitable Valentine's Day agonizing.


First of all, eat intuitively. To eat intuitively simply means to keep an eye on what you've put into your body for the day. Don't stress or freak out about an extra cupcake; just keep a general idea of anything extra you've eaten.


Hopefully, you know how much your body needs by now and how it reacts after consumption of some foods. This being said, eating intuitively is as easy as coordinating or fitting a new allotment of food to fit your needs.


Secondly, don't stress. I've found that there's a balance between having a good time and keeping yourself on track for progressive progress. So what's that balance? Those who have trouble finding it usually experience more mental stress than physical. Many times people on a diet relapse or have the hardest time because of their mental state.


If you're stressing about eating an extra piece of chocolate or cupcake: stop, take a deep breath, and remember one day isn't going to kill you.


Although, if you are someone who stresses over eating that extra food and can't help it, use that as motivation to go harder in the gym or get back on track tomorrow. Make sure to enjoy the day and not ruin it with stress over a few pieces of food.


Next, fill up. This tip is for those who might not practice moderation daily and have the tendency to binge on holidays. Consume plenty of whole fiber-filled foods, like you should on a daily basis. This not only will make you feel more full, but might motivate you to avoid over-doing the holiday foods. If your stomach is saying, "No more!" it might influence you to stray away from the V-Day abundance. Then again, it all comes down to being mentally sound with yourself and not feeling the need to look for days to binge.


Lastly, moderation is key. The most important tip I could ever pass on to anyone looking to progress with diet and fitness goals is once again, moderation. Not many people have the ability to partition their eating over multiple days.


Riddle me this, all ye holiday bingers: If you consume the same amount of extra calories in one day instead of consuming them over a span of a week, how are you saving yourself any trouble? Often weekly totals come into play just as much as daily. The body doesn't have a set 24-hour clock; the body is smart and knows how to partition consumption to expenditure.


Hopefully this gave you a few ideas about surviving this chocolate-lovers' holiday, but for all the holidays coming up this semester. Remember to practice moderation and enjoy progression.

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