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It's that time of the year: Winter beauty is back

By Isabela Jacobsen Staff Writer

Put away those earthy tones, and pull out the icy metallic colors you’ve been storing, because wintertime is finally here! Even as someone who gets cold extremely easily, I still have a love for wintertime and that’s because I love a good winter makeover.

Metallic colors are very pretty for the eyes. Sometimes we think metals are too powerful for a daily makeup routine, but this is an exception. A great idea with the metallic colors is to match the eye shadow with the scarf you are wearing, to make the eyes pop. My recommendation is going for some purple if you’re going to do a matchup with the scarf and eye shadow, especially if you don’t want to give up a light, fun look just yet. Metallic colors can be a nighttime look, as well as a wintery risk.

Keep the eyes bright by adding your brightest and lightest eye shadow to the inner corner of your eyes by using a small brush or just your finger. For an icy snowy look go for a bright white. This will make your eyes seem bigger and more awake. Pair the white with a light blue and dark grey for the rest of the eyelid and outer eyelid. This is a perfect winter wonderland look for the eyes.

As for the lips, you could really go several ways. If you want to keep the icy look then go with a pale pink or maybe even a more natural lip color to your own. It’s also perfectly acceptable to go a little darker with lipstick, like a dark purple or cranberry color. If you are going with this color, go light on the eyeliner and wear some long lashes. Those can be tough to put on yourself, so make sure you do your research online.

The cheeks are a great way for you to embrace the fact that you’ve lost your tan from the summer. Rosy cheeks for winter are adorable. You can’t go wrong with experimentation of new colors during the winter to make you look healthy and help color your face a little more.

Just one more friendly makeup reminder that the holidays are a huge part of wintertime, which means that it’s time to make that gift list of all the makeup you want! New makeup to start off winter sounds like a great combination to me, so start looking.

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