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Interview with CBS anchor, Maurice DuBois

By Sophia Strawser Assistant Features Editor

If you attended the Issue Alley today, you might have walked by the small table nestled in the back corner of the Student Center. Sitting back at the table in the corner was Maurice DuBois himself. As a journalist for CBS, Maurice DuBois has quite the career racked up for himself. DuBois worked for NBC for seven years before moving to CBS in 2004.

Although DuBois has attended many political conventions, this is his first time covering presidential debate.

When asked what CBS is doing in order to compete with the other news stations on campus, DuBois responded, “I don’t know what the other stations are doing. [CBS] wants to cover this comprehensively. We cover the best that we can. It is in our backyard. The whole world is going to be watching; I can’t think of a better reason to be here.”

One of the major concerns for Democrats for this debate is if President Obama will be able to come back from the last debate. A few mere weeks ago Romney found quite the groove in which he settled into during the entire debate.

“The consensus is that Obama has to step up," DuBois said. "[In the last debate] Romney has found a nice stride, in which he was able to respond to Obama with vigor.”

Although many students and fellow Americans know who they are going to vote for Nov. 6, DuBois, along with many others, know that “until the polls are closed we won’t know the winner.” DuBois said, “A lot can happen between now and voting day.”

With much anticipation, Hofstra and the rest of the country  wait to see how tonight’s debate will play out,  as well as who will win the election that seems to be right around the corner.


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