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Hofstra Springs Into Action: Stay-cation Program Here To Stay

By Michaela Papa, Photo Editor

This spring Hofstra is launching its first "Stay-cation" program. Though the program was founded in 2006, though this is the inaugural trip.  On a first-come first-serve basis students are given the opportunity to participate in an alternative spring break. From April 11-13 participants have the opportunity to make a difference on Long Island and New York City through volunteering at Habitat for Humanity, Mary Brennan INN Soup Kitchen, animal shelters or homeless shelters.  

 It's getting to the point that Hofstra is starting to feel like a real university, a university you're proud to say you attend. We're picking up on things that make people actually like their school.  Essentially, we're garnering pride... or at least we're on the way.  

 A plethora of colleges combine both the exotic and humanitarian approach to spring break.  These schools offer alternative spring breaks to places far from their college campus, unlike Hofstra's attempt this year. Again, this is Hofstra's first year with their alternative spring break program, so I'll give them a break.  Plus, the fact that it has an astronomically lower cost than other alternative spring break programs is a nice factor. Hofstra's program costs $75.  This goes to t-shirts, food, transportation, and supplies.  

 If you are interested in the program you must fill out the application and submit it to the OSLA Office (260 Student Center) by March 2, 2012. This program seems to be off to a solid start.  Students should anticipate the growth and solidification of the program in future years. Hofstra is getting its act together, and it's exciting.

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