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Hofstra alumna creates "Binders Full of Women" blog

By Cody HeintzBusiness Manager

When Governor Mitt Romney said that women’s groups brought him “binders full of women” Hofstra University alumna Veronica De Souza immediately thought that the phrase would lead to some images.  De Souza created the blog within a minute the words came out of Romney’s mouth. De Souza was sitting on her couch watching the debate when she created the blog and by 2 a.m. the blog had gathered 10,000 followers.  De Souza works in social media so she already had Tumblr open and said that she is addicted to the internet.

The blog currently has around 14,000 followers and over a 100 posts with many of those being submissions by the general public.  Due to the success of the blog De Souza has been interviewed by the Wall Street Journal and NPR’s All Things Considered. De Souza said she was  “I was shocked that it became that big. I definitely did not expect that!”

The former program director for WRHU was having a bad day as she was laid off from her job as a community manager at a tech startup the morning of the debate. The 2011 graduate hopes that the blog’s success and exposure will help bring in job offerings.

Besides running the Binders Tumblr account she also runs a parody twitter account that focuses on camps safety called Peesafe.  During her time at Hofstra De Souza spent a great deal of time at WRHU she said, "I learned so much there. I owe a lot of my success to them and to John Mullen.”

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