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Global Breakdown: Long Island

Ronny O'Leary (Columnist) It has been one month since Hurricane Sandy hit Long Island, and the island is still trying to rebuild. I have heard astonishing stories about how people’s homes have been destroyed, and it makes me feel grateful that the campus was not affected that much. It is hard times like these that people’s generosity is most needed.

So far, the Hofstra community has been very active in helping those in need.

There have already been efforts to feed the homeless and to provide much-needed items to Long Island residents. A particularly useful event was when the Athletic Department provided free basketball tickets to anyone who brought items to help families in Long Beach.

I thought that was a great effort both to aid the recovering families while encouraging students to attend Hofstra sports. The Office of Student Leadership and Activities has been leading many events, and they believe that their efforts have greatly benefited Long Island families. Brittany Romain, a student aide at the OSLA, said, “We have received thank you letters from the residents showing their gratitude toward the university.”

Romain also states how students have been helping clean up damaged areas of the island, but the university’s efforts will not stop here. One student has arranged a random act of kindness day on Wednesday where people can demonstrate their compassion to those that have been most affected.

This should serve as a reminder that a little charity can go a long way. However, acts of kindness need not be limited to this one day: if everyone contributes in a small way, we can all make a difference.

Coincidently, this is all happening as we enter the holiday season. This time of year is normally characterized by food and toy drives to assist less fortunate families. We now have additional motivation to carry out these events. On Friday, there will be a food drive at the Mary Brennan Inn Soup Kitchen. This is just one example of how the Hofstra community is insuring that people still have an enjoyable holiday season despite recent events.

Our thoughts are with the people that have had their lives disrupted by this disastrous event. The generosity demonstrated by the Hofstra community proves that people are willing to assist others in times of stress. I am confident that the students and faculty will continue their efforts to help rebuild Long Island after the hurricane.

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