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Geology club prepares majors for future careers

By Emily Windram, Staff Writer

With a rich history and plenty of devoted members and alumni, the Geology Club is one of the oldest and most beneficial organizations on Hofstra's campus. The club was created in 1939, and was (and still is) open to anyone interested in discussions about the natural Earth, regardless of majors or experience.

Participating in this club, which meets every Wednesday at 11:30, allows students many unique opportunities. Guest speakers and professors come to meetings often to give their insights to members. The club also has many chances to have exceptional hands-on experiences: they go on many field trips, which allow them to physically see and work on what interests them. This year there is a week-long spring break trip, which takes place in diverse spots of New England. They also go on camping expeditions and are able to explore various outdoor areas to dig for and collect fossils. Trip locations have a wide range, from local areas to Hawai'i and the Galapagos Islands!

"It really teaches you real-life applications of the subject," said member Mickey Merguerian. Joining the club helps members meet and network with important representatives of their fields of study, which helps them begin careers. Members usually go on to graduate school, and can eventually become employed in their fields of interest. Graduates have gone on to have solid careers, such as becoming managers of top environmental firms. The geology department also has the important distinction of having a zero percent unemployment rate, a claim which very few departments can boast. Anyone who is interested in managing and improving our natural environment, or simply studying both the Earth's past and future, can find their niche in the Geology Club.


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