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Funds appear well spent on winter weekend celebration

By Ronny O'Leary

One of the most exciting and anticipated events of the school year is the Fall Festival, including concerts, a comedy show, and a family barbecue. It sure is an enjoyable weekend, and appears Hofstra will soon be having a similar event: the Winter Blast.

This event will feature events such as a Pre la Fete, Mardival, and a Super Bowl party. Although I have never heard of any of the artists performing, it sounds like it will be very entertaining.

The weekend is similar to last semester's Fall Festival because it will also feature a wide variety of activities meant to bring all students together.

 Some people might question the purpose of this weekend; what's the point of spending money on a winter celebration there's already one in the fall? However, I think it is an excellent idea because this allows students to interact and experience unfamiliar events.

I am particularly interested in Mardival since I am not from New Orleans or the Caribbean. Therefore, this event will allow me to learn about other cultures.

Fortunately, most of the school seems to share my excitement for this upcoming celebration. When I spoke to the people at University Relations about why they decided to hold this event, they said they thought it would be a good way of bringing the students together.

I also asked if students were likely to attend the Super Bowl party, especially because the day before, a person on my floor said that he preferred watching the Super Bowl with his friends rather than with a huge number of people. But according to those I spoke to at University Relations, they said most students wanted a way for them to congregate and watch the game all together.

Finally, when I asked if any students considered it a waste of money, they said many students have thanked them for holding this occasion. A University Relations' worker furthermore told me any event that entertains the students is a good allocation of funds.

I could not agree more. I think Winter Blast is a great idea, and I cannot think a better way of allocating the money that has been spent on this event.

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