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From Thanksgiving to Christmas: Get through the holidays

By Sophia Strawser Assistant Features Editor Every year Thanksgiving and the winter holidays seem fly by without even a moment to enjoy them. That can all change this holiday season, when you have a few easy tips for enjoying the holidays.

1. Sleep more than 10 hours a night. I’m talking about cancelling plans, sleeping ‘till noon, eating breakfast at two o’clock kind of sleep. You have no work and no obligations, so just sleep. If you are like me and need to make money or Hofstra will soon be a distant memory, then make sure to schedule late shifts. We wouldn't want you to be pushed into waking up early—as in, before noon. 2. Hang out with high school friends. After you have gotten up and eaten breakfast, take a nap, and then head out with your old crowd. You were friends with them at one point, so I’m sure they aren't that awful. Warning: this could cause extreme nostalgia.

3. Stock up on clothing. Those after-Christmas sales can save you from the winter cold. If you happen to have any late Christmas dinners or gift exchanges, wait until after Christmas to buy the gifts. You will not only save money, but will also avoid being trampled by your neighbor from three doors down. 4. Eat as if you were going into hibernation. You don’t realize how good your mom’s cooking is until you have spent a semester eating Student Center food. Eat seconds, thirds—whatever it takes to get the taste of Student Center out of your mouth. In addition to this, go and appreciate your grocery store; it will be the one time this year when you can look at a price tag and know it is the regular price. Dutch has tricked me into thinking that paying an arm, a leg and my dignity is a normal price for Oreos. 5. Hug your mom, and maybe even your dad if you are feeling generous. Time for the holiday season where everything is about us and our convenience. Take a joke, Hofstra. Do some good this holiday season.

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