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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assisstant Features Editor

                  Spring break is different for everyone. For some it will be spent on the beach. For me, and many others, it will be spent working back home, making money that will be directly funneled back into Hofstra's hands. The hard part of spring break is being away from your friends. All of them. Because we are all well aware that all other college kids had their spring breaks several weeks ago. That's okay, Hofstra; we'll just hang out with our grandmas and their cookies. Since we will have to endure our spring breaks alone, here are some suggestions on how you can fill up your time:

                  Read the Hunger Games. If you haven't read it yet you might as well hop on the bandwagon. Grab a loaf of bread, a mockingjay pin, Taylor Swift songs off the soundtrack and curl up with your Hunger Games.

                  Do homework.

I give you permission to scribble out my last sentence.

                  Visit friends at their colleges. Use your last weekend of spring break to see what your friends are up to. It's far enough before finals week that I'm sure everyone will be able to make a weekend available to hang out with you.

                  Go shopping. Please remember the ultimate spring break shopping tip: if you're at home bring your mother along. After everything you try on say something like, "Aw this is so cute, but I need to be more responsible with my money." Proceed to pout your lips, produce a singular tear and put the item back on the rack. Your mother will slowly get her wallet out.

                  Facebook stalk. Although I'm sure your classes give you plenty of time to stalk peoples' Facebooks, use spring break to stalk all the photos of the girls at the beach who aren't quite bikini ready and all the guys who forgot that Speedos were never in. I call this the spring break self-confidence boost.

                  Go on a date. This may be easier said than done, but if given the opportunity, take it. Please note that dates should not be found in a hopeless place, people from your graduating class or street corners.

                  Fight with your siblings. The actual fight can take up at least an hour, and then you are free of them for the evening. Planning key lines beforehand may help you to extend the fight to an hour and a half. Make fight flashcards.

                  Tan. Oh wait - girls here at Hofstra already do that via salon. Please ignore this instruction.

                  Rob a bank. This will be the only way you will be able to come back to Hofstra in the fall. If additional information on how to execute this is needed, please contact Lackmann Food Services. They certainly know how to rob us. If mom won't buy me that cute new top, I sure hope she'll add to my meal plan.

                  Whatever you may choose to do this Spring break, live it up. Hopefully you will have a break from work, hit the beach or visit friends. Have a great spring break, Hofstra. Insert ironic use of "Y.O.L.O." here.

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