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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assisant Features Editor

       To think that our first year of college is ending in two weeks is absolutely insane. We have bonded throughout the year, from standing in line for California Pizza Kitchen at midnight, standing next to each other with red cups (I think you get the picture), to clogging up the Student Center while waiting in the "hangover omelet" line.
We have dealt with finals before, but this time we're not fighting for a month-long break; we are reaching three whole months with which to do whatever we please. Most people will probably continue to eat "hangover omelets" but the studying, the classes and the living in buildings that are flooded and have mold issues will be done with.
Late-night Dutch runs will be replaced by your mom's cupboard. Student Center food will be swapped for Momma's food - thank goodness. The masturbating guy the floor above you will be substituted by your little brother - although that's not better. Your social gatherings will leave Hempstead for neighborhoods that don't leave you with a 99 percent chance of getting shot outside of a Popeye's, biscuit still in hand.
With only a few weeks of on-campus time left, there is a large chance we may be able to keep our sanity. Stay focused, I say, as I attempt to write this with three tabs open: Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. But I am seriously focused, not distracted by summer at all. That is 100 percent a lie. I could attempt to tell you to start studying for finals in the next couple of days, but the only thing that would do for us is provide a good laugh, and prove I'm a hypocrite.
Hofstra might not like this, but I suggest spending one of your "study" days in the city. Do something exciting!  Staring at an open Italian book for hours upon hours, reading through Oreo crumbs, will get you little to nowhere - break up the studying. Most of us will head back to places far from New York City, so utilize it well during these last few weeks.
These next two weeks may be Hell itself, but with a little help from coffee and overpriced Dutch snacks we'll make it. Try your best not to read the statuses of students from other schools, because Hofstra, being the kind university that it is, decided not only should we have our spring break in a different month than most, but we should also get out of school three weeks later. Almost done, Hofstra. See ya next year.     

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