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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assisant Features Editor

We are now finally settled back in from spring break. Some of us came back tanner, richer and/or fatter. Those who didn't have the opportunity to tan over break seem to be making up for that now.

The quad has never been more full than it is now; utilize it. I witnessed girls lounging in their bras in between classes, attempting to soak up the sun. But please note: this is simply inappropriate.

As most of our friends end school the first or second week of May, we are forced to suffer through - I mean happily complete classes - until the May 18.

We need to catch up on our tanning. This does not mean going tanning to the point that it looks as though you rolled around in a bag of Doritos, though. That's not cute. I personally would like to have a non-cheesy tan when I come home. To achieve this, hang out on the quad. And by all means, spend your weekend at the beach.

Jones Beach is a mere 10-15 minutes away by car. So find someone with said car and make him or her your friend. Make them want to go to the beach just as much as you do, and there simply will be no problem getting what you want.

Say, "Wow, it is so nice out. Ugh, the beach right now would be perfection, but I don't have a car." At this point dramatically pout and begin to walk away. Your plan is put into action.

The car owner will interject, saying, "Oh my God, the beach would be great. Let's go. I can drive."

Respond with, "Oh no, I wouldn't want to have to make you drive."

Once they say, "No, it's fine," (which is nearly guaranteed) get your swimsuit on 'cause you're going to the beach!  

As we get into tanning season that means we begin to have to show more skin. My hibernation over winter that involved more time eating than working out at the gym has left me in panic mode. Find a workout buddy.

As cliché as that sounds, it works. Hit up the gym, walk the long way to class, eat celery, and do whatever it takes. Go for a run on the bike path along Hempstead Turnpike -- during the day, of course. We don't want to run into any 70-year-old men on our way to the library.

Unlike many colleges, we don't have buffet style food services-be happy! This swipe-per-item system helps us fight the freshman 15 and leaves us not feeling like a walking blimp. However, the walking blimp feeling is still easily achievable (see previous articles where I mention numerous sleeves of Oreos).

In less than a month, summer will be here. Thank goodness. Let's make the most of the time left in this semester. We're almost there. We can do this, Hofstra.

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