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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assissant Features Editor

After spending Presidents Day on campus I feel somewhat rested, but pretty hungry. The rest of the students and I, who all stayed on campus over our short break, were forced to stop eating after the Student Center closed at 7 p.m. We did have the option of Dutch Treats if you were willing to hike all the way there, but make sure you find your way there before 11 or else you will go to bed hungry. The campus did not feel empty, yet my stomach did. I was deprived of my Oreos, junk food and candy, forcing myself to live off of three well-balanced meals. It was a long weekend.

Despite the tragedies I mentioned above, the long weekend was much needed. Now, the semester really begins to kick in. These next two weeks will most likely bring the first tests of classes for many students. We must pull motivation from somewhere: from the long weekend, the fact that you will lose your scholarship if you don't do well, or from the fact that you aren't succeeding at anything else in life. Wherever your motivation may come from, use it to the hit the library -- probably for the first time this semester.

After the first test, the rest of the exams will hopefully come with ease, leaving your weekend following the test somewhat free. You know what that means. Hit Dutch once their hours are back, curl up in sweats and watch reruns of "Pretty Little Liars." Every college kids' typical Saturday, right? Keep your mother proud and do not answer that question.

You only need naps at three stages in your life: the young developmental years, the senior citizen years and, of course, the college years. Pencil them into your schedule. Got an hour in between Math and Italian? Nap. Please note that studying may be a better option but just simply not as enjoyable or restful. College naps can be difficult due to the loud suitemates around you, the sex addicts above you, and the music major below you.

Step One: Figure out when you have the room to yourself. Whenever your roommate is in class relocate to the dorm, shutting the door behind you.

Step Two: Change into sweats; no explanation needed.

Step Three: Lie down on your bed. Place the covers over you and lightly lay your head on your pillow. The sex addict and the music major may still be of an annoyance; if this is the case set a second pillow on top of the ear facing the ceiling.

Step Four: Set an alarm. Naps are nice when used within moderation but when naps begin to claim four or more hours of your day you begin to offset the reality/dream world ratio.

As the eateries here on Hofstra open back up, eat your way back to your Freshman 15, while studying for your upcoming tests. When you aren't eating or studying, work to cultivate the perfect nap. The kind of nap that leaves you energized, instead of ready to kill anyone that looks your way. You're a little grumpy, Hofstra; go take a nap.


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