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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assisstant Features Editor

We have all dealt with moments in which awkwardness becomes so apparent that it's as if it were the third wheel in a conversation. As freshmen, awkward moments become a bit more regular. We have made it through the first-day awkwardness, but we still have many more awkward moments to come within the next semester.

Step One: When faced with an awkward moment, embrace the situation. Make sure to ask relative questions such as, "How are your new classes?" or "Is this as awkward for you as this is for me?" Using filler questions allows you to avoid that uncomfortable silence that creeps into so many conversations.

Step Two: Find an end to the conversation. Fill awkward silences with questions, but quickly find an end. After they finish saying, "My classes are great," you say, "Great. Well I still have to hike over the Unispan, so I'll catch you later." Please note that you will not be catching them later.

Step Three: If the individual is what we call "the epitome of awkward," please utilize the following line. "Aw hey, I'm late for class. Talk to you later." This can be used any day of the week: Monday through Friday, and if you are extremely desperate, feel free to use this line on both Saturday and Sunday. If they are as awkward as you are sensing, they will not confront you about the misunderstanding.

Step Four: Before you have been confronted by the individual to whom you don't wish to speak, avoid eye contact. Pretend to be distracted by your iPhone. Please note, if you don't have an iPhone this tactic will not work since we all know that there is nothing to do on a non-iPhone. Fumbling in your bag is also often another successful distraction.

Step Five: Make an awkward list: a list that consists of the names of all individuals who, without fail, always provide you with awkward encounters. Print out multiple copies of your list and share it with your friends. Having been informed of the list, your friends will then be able to pull you away from any potential conversation with the listed people.

After meeting someone for the first time, be prepared to have a potentially awkward moment the next time you see each other. Also be warned that friendships created via technology will lead to awkward moments. Freshmen often become distracted with making the best grades, powering through the semester, and working in order to pay for school. These distractions lead to a decrease in social skills as well as an increase in awkward conversations.

Trying your best to avoid the conversation is your best bet. As freshmen, we are still meeting new people on a daily basis, making us the most prone to these awkward moments. Don't let your life be one big awkward moment because for all you know, you might end up on someone's awkward list.

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