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Freshman dos and don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assissant Features Editor

We've all got our problems. We've got stereotypes that can't be shaken. Business majors are dull. Science majors kiss a telescope more often than they kiss real people. Linguistics majors spend every day realizing they will be teaching for the rest of their life. Dance majors feel the need to let everyone know how flexible they are at least every 10 minutes. English majors find it a daily battle to clear the world of bad grammar. Music majors never leave Monroe. Drama majors act as though everything in their life is a stage direction from God. We have stereotypes given to us by simply choosing a major. The next four years, though, are the years in which we begin to decide who we are.

Pick which stereotypes you want associated with your name. For example, let's say you want to be the easy-going, free-spirited girl at Hofstra.

 Tip number one: Permanently attach a large red cup to your left hand. This will show everyone around you that you live by the motto, "It's five o'clock somewhere!"

Tip number two: Focus on your attire when attending classes. Dress as though you are going to the club. This wardrobe excludes Wednesdays and Fridays due to the fact you are still hung over from the night prior. Sweats are acceptable on those days (or else you can't sit with us).

Tip number three: What's your attire when going out? Survey your closet for anything that shines, barely covers what it needs to, and is sheer or transparent. This will fulfill the "easy" part of the stereotype you are trying to achieve.

Tip number four: The day after your "accidental hookup" tell anyone and everyone. Your roommate, your RA, the Organic lady — anyone.

Tip number five: Don't be this girl or guy.

If it's a classy, well-rounded, career-oriented student you wish to be categorized as then follow these simple steps:  

Tip number one: Keep your GPA up. Buy some thick-framed glasses, have a "usual" library floor, etc. Whatever you need. Keep your goals for post-college constantly on your mind.

Tip number two: Have a social life. Set the books aside once and a while. Make friends. Speak to people. Work to find a healthy balance.

Tip number three: Put the suspenders, the suit, and the Gucci gown away. Dressing like a normal Hofstra student will help you to achieve that "classy, well-rounded" feel. Please note: if you are an easy-going, free-spirited person coming over to the classy, well-rounded, career-oriented student side, you will need to wear actually wear clothing. There are counseling services on campus if help is needed.

Tip number four: Your closest friends should be students, not professors.

Tip number five: Be this girl or guy.

Stereotypes don't necessarily have to be a bad thing. We came here to study, make friends, and have fun; not to contract the Hofstra Red. A stereotype only takes one event to be created, but it can last all four years, if not longer. There is a difference between having fun and completely disgracing your name. You can do it. Stay classy, Hofstra.

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