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Freshman Dos and Don’ts: Thanksgiving Break

Danielle DenenbergStaff Writer Now that most of us are just about finished with midterms, it is almost time for our four-day Thanksgiving break. While many of us will be going home, there are those who may be stuck on campus. For those who stay on campus, I advise you to call your family members (you should be calling them every day anyway due to Sandy). Another good reason to call home is that it is your first year away from your family. If you are stuck on campus, that shouldn’t stop you from celebrating Thanksgiving. Gather up friends who are also spending Turkey Day at Hofstra, pool your money and treat yourselves to a Dutch Treats Thanksgiving. Or you can weasel an invite from a friend who is going home. For those who are going and those who are staying, Thanksgiving Day is a time to enjoy yourself.         You should not worry about the things you may usually worry about: eating too much, getting homework done, or doing nothing but sleeping or watching TV, among other things. I would say that the first mistake you can make is to not eat too much! Whether it’s a family member who cooks or your own invented “Dutch Treats” meal, just eat it and eat a lot of it! After dinner, you may want to watch football or the “Twilight Zone” marathon. Next comes the day that people either dread or look forward to the most: Black Friday! If you want to take my advice, stay away from the mall. If you must go, don’t listen to the rumors that it’s best to leave at 4 a.m. Leave at 4 p.m. or later, because chances good that are the store will still have the item you are looking for (and even if they don’t, is the item that you want really worth getting trampled for?). Remember to eat a lot, have fun and stay safe.  It’s the one time of the year where overeating gets followed by overspending. Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday, Hofstra!

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