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Freshman Dos and Don'ts

By Sophia Strawser, Assisstant Features Editor

                  Last Tuesday helped us discover just how pathetic most of us are. This is the part where half of the people reading this become offended, throwing the paper from their hands. Since my audience roughly consists of my mom, and the occasional friend, this does not worry me. So the first semester didn't leave you exchanging glances from across the student center with an unknown lover, but maybe that's better.

                  Although it feels as though the semester has just begun, we get to enjoy Monday and Tuesday of next week off. Some may spend it at home, in the city, in a state of weeping over how lonely their Valentine's Day was, etc. After surveying the campus (please note I did not perform a survey) I found that people will be mostly spending their long weekend at home. Why? No idea. The survey only presented us with the first part of information. This may come across as a message from your mother, but if you have the time, go home. If it's motivated by the chance to work a shift or two at home, or by the fact that you will be able to eat homemade food; go. We all know the semester will certainly pick up once we come back after this short break, but it will be nice to embrace a little time off.

                  Do your homework before the break. You know you will utterly despise yourself if you wait until Tuesday night to do your homework. Everyone who went home will be arriving back at campus and you will be sitting in your room – or even worse, the library – with stacks of papers forming a protective cubicle around you. The sound of the clock ticking will be the only thing keeping you sane, while you read chapter after chapter of a book that, once regurgitated on to a test, will be forgotten. You want Tuesday night to be stress free as well as work free. A couple hours of work now will, if put off, turn into countless hours of you telling yourself just how much you need to stop waiting till the last minute.

                  If you are stuck on campus for the weekend, dine out. Seriously, if I have one more Student Center meal I will literally die. Yes, I meant literally. Go to the city. Explore Long Island. Just, whatever you do, don't spend the two extra days you have on campus. It's a nice break before the semester gets too overwhelming. I'm sure sparing twenty or so dollars won't kill anyone. If you do choose to stay on campus for the whole weekend, remember this may be why you didn't have a Valentine's Day date. You're crying now, aren't you? Reason number two.

                  So put down the Oreos (we all know the container is already empty), brush your teeth (please), and get out of your dorm. Celebrate Presidents Day. Please note that no one actually celebrates Presidents Day. I'm not telling you what to do, but yet I am. Don't be boring. Don't be pathetic. Be something. Do something. Come on, Hofstra; let's celebrate Presidents Day.

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