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Flying Dutchman: Volleyball & Tennis Club member with crush on his “Nanny”

By Danielle DenenbergStaff Writer In his third year as a devoted member of the tennis club, David Berman rarely misses a meeting; the only thing Berman seems more devoted to than tennis is to his hero: Fran Drescher. Berman goes to meetings and practices for the tennis club every Saturday night and has played tennis since 2006. He is quite talented at the sport, and considers it one of his greatest hobbies. This semester, Berman also joined the volleyball club. When he is not at either of these clubs or in class, Berman, a junior IT major and Spanish minor, spends ample time studying. But starting on Nov. 28, he will be taking a break on Wednesday nights to watch “Happily Divorced,” a TV Land sitcom starring Drescher. In addition, shortly after a tennis practice on Oct. 6, Berman headed to the movie theater to see “Hotel Transylvania,” a new movie where Drescher voices the character, Eunice. There are various reasons why Berman is so fond of Drescher. He believes that the spunky actress, famous for her nasally tone of voice, is unique and strong. A few years ago, Drescher suffered from uterine cancer. As a result, she started a movement called Cancer Schmancer, which spreads awareness of the disease and offers support to those suffering from it. “I think this makes her a role model for others,” David Berman said. “Because of this movement, I gained so much more respect for her than I already did. Wouldn’t you?” Berman discovered Drescher when watching “The Nanny” with his parents as a child. Upon discovering the show, he thought Drescher and the entire show was hilarious. Since then, Drescher has been Berman’s hero. “One night in 2009 when I was sick,“The Nanny” was coming back to Nick at Nite. I was so excited to see her, and the show just cheered me up so much,” said Berman. This must have been a terrific memory for Berman. As noted, he even remembers the year in which this experience occurred. That sure is dedication to Drescher! Berman likes her so much; he has influenced his friends to begin sharing his love for the actress. Last semester, one close friend started to spend her Wednesday nights watching “Happily Divorced” too, and will continue to do so next semester. “I’m so proud that I got my friends into Fran,” Berman said. “But I will always be the biggest fan!”

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