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Finding the right makeup for your skin type

By Isabela JacobsenStaff Writer Makeup is all about trial and error. No matter how much advice you read, makeup application is difficult to master without trying and re-trying until you find the perfect look. Wearing makeup can be quite overwhelming when you don’t know much about it, so here are some helpful tips. First off, I suggest taking some time to learn about your skin. Just because a certain foundation looks good on your friend doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. Find out if your skin is dry, oily or a combination. This is very easy. If you see a lot of shine on your face during the day, then you most likely have oily skin, and if you feel like your skin is always tight (like when you get out of the shower) and tend to use a lot of moisturizers, then you should look for products to treat dry skin. Also, find out what colors complement your skin tone. You can do this by simply pulling out your favorite outfits and accessories to find out what looks best on you. Now that you know more about your skin, look to makeup professionals for some awesome recommendations. I know we usually tend to ignore those makeup ladies in Sephora who always try to give free makeovers, but if you’re looking to start wearing makeup or want to try something new, I recommend giving it a try. Be sure to let them know what kind of makeup techniques you want to learn, like a natural look, for example. You will definitely find new makeup this way and learn step-by-step how to apply it. Do you have any favorite celebrities? If so, try using them as models for new makeup looks. Imitating your celebrity makeup inspiration can teach you some new tricks, and it’s also pretty fun. Remember: it’s all trial and error! No need to get it right the first time. Use your friends, too. If you like how your friend does her makeup, ask her for some help. Although no face is the same, your friend might know of a blush or eye shadow that would really look good on you. Think of all the things we find through our friends: music, movies, hobbies and now makeup. Finally, watch videos online. Seriously, you can learn anything on YouTube. There are so many makeup gurus, and you are bound to fall in love with one of them. The videos are easy to follow, and in my opinion, they are the best way to learn how to wear makeup. There’s a lot of makeup out there, so grab a mirror and start practicing, but don’t forget makeup remover!

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