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Fashion scene on campus: improvement needed

By Sophia Strawser Assistant Features Editor

We may not all have a sense of style, but a sense of fashion is easily obtained. The simple fact that you shop at the clearance section of Sears has already set you up for failure. I’m not saying you have to spend hundreds of dollars to look nice, because God knows after paying our Hofstra bill we don’t have that kind of money, but I am saying don’t set yourself up for failure. H&M. It’s reasonably priced and hard to go wrong. Guys, women aren’t asking for much, just for you to wear a nice pair of pants cuffed at the bottom with a button down top, and commitment, compliments, unexpected kisses, jewelry, respect, flowers and chocolate, but other than that not much. Men often think that if they are straight they don’t have to dress well. I’m tired of falling for men who don’t like my gender, guys,  lease just try to dress well. H&M is the perfect start. It’s the perfect combination of clothes whether you want to come across as I’m-high-fashion-and-you-are-gonna-stare or I-secretly-dress-poorly-but-for-the-sake-of-attracting-a-mate-I-bought-this-shirt. Forever 21. Girls, this place is gold. Cheap. Full of variety. Gold. Due to Hofstra’s diversity, the fashion among the students is quite varied. We have I-just-went-golfing guys and girls from certain parts of Connecticut, I-spray-tan-to-feel-good-about-myself Jersey students, did-I-really-fly-the-whole-way-to- Hempstead West Coasters, and the I-hope-no-one-can-tell-I’m-from-the-country farmers from Pennsylvania. We don’t all have to dress the same way, but we all can look good. Put away the New Balance, because we are all silently judging. And if you have the matching New Balance socks please put down this paper and head back to your dorm—it’s time to change. Either through a collection of small changes or a revamp of your wardrobe anyone can be fashionable; it’s just a matter of giving the effort. Give your clothes to a thrift shop. A vast majority of thrift shops will even pay you for your clothes, unless of course your clothes are beyond ugly, then of course hand them over to Goodwill where an old woman will buy them to use as rags. It’s all about choices people. Let’s make this year a fashionable one.

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