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Fashion scene on campus: fighting the rainy-day blues

By Sophia Strawser Assistant Features Editor

Rain boots: ugly or not? I am one of the first people to admit that rain boots look hideous but with this Long Island weather there simply is no other option. Deciding what to wear on rainy days can be quite the task. Do you give up on looking good that day or do you fight the odds and go for the gold?

Rainy day looks:

The I-just-rode-a-horse-look. Involves leggings, riding boots and an oversized-but-still- shows-off-my-butt sweater for a comfortable as well as rain-efficient outfit.

Next we have the Long-Island-is-one-big-puddle outfit. Rain jacket, rain boots, rain hat and umbrella. This is more commonly known as the 2012 Fall Collection from Aquaphobia. You may feel as though you are suited up for the weather but remember this: you aren’t outside for most of your day. You simply need to make it from building to building. You will survive. I promise.

We don't want to forget about the ever popular "homeless" look. Untrimmed beard, greasy hair, stained clothing; many try, few succeed. Although Jason Mraz, Ashton Kutcher and Shia Labeouf make the look read as sexy—it’s not. Trim the beard, wash the hair; basic hygiene people. But on the rare chance that you do receive positive feedback on your homeless look, embrace it. For some odd reason you have been blessed by the fashion gods. So call yourself Ashton and call it a day. God bless you. Contact for my number, immediately.

Lastly is the Hofstra student. Colored rain boots or sneakers for the guys, and jeans and a shirt ranging from look-at-me-I-still-dress-up-when-it’s-raining to my-Hofstra-shirt-will-suffice. Top this look off with an umbrella and you have found the perfect rainy day look.

As we switch from summer to fall and then from fall to winter there will be a fair share of rainy days. Take note and dress for the weather. All heels, suede shoes and Toms are to be left behind. Let's hope for sunny but be prepared for the rainy.

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