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Eco-friendly club asks Lackmann to maintain green practices at eateries

By Robert Binger

Students for a Greener Hofstra continues to make more eco-friendly plans last Tuesday, calling for more action from the University's main food provider, Lackmann Dining Services.

The club discussed their future plans to meet with Lackmann in order to ensure that they maintain a "green" standard in the dining halls.

According to Jane Miner, some practices Lackmann claimed to implement seem to have died down, such as the availability of silverware in the Student Center and the banning of Styrofoam usage.  

"This club has had an effect on Lackmann before, so it's definitely a possibility," said Miner.  

Michael Daniell, a member of Hofstra's chapter of the College Republicans, previously worked for a sustainability officer. While he is confident in Hofstra's progress towards a greener campus, he is skeptical about the support the club will actually receive.

"Unfortunately, the bureaucracy nature of Hofstra makes it very difficult for any new things to get through. The student body wants to see more things done on campus; however, they do not want any of their money to be put towards it," said Daniell.

Aside from discussing greener practices in eateries on campus, the club is working on "Thriftin' and Jammin,'" a food and clothes drive, sponsoring bike racks on the academic side of campus and a "Dorm War" in which halls/buildings will compete to see which can consume the least amount of energy.


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