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Eating at Hofstra: New options

By Beatrice ArnerSpecial to the Chronicle The dining services at Hofstra have upped their game for the new school year. In the Student Center Cafe, along with other eateries all over campus, new food options have sprouted up, including a permanent burrito spot, an all-day omelet station, and as of last week, a newly renovated sandwich shop. From the looks of it, the new sandwich place has a unique new menu with gourmet sandwich selections. These new and improved sandwiches sound delicious: Western Ranch Roast Beef, Antipasto Focaccia, and Balsamic Chicken Panini, just to name a few. The spot also offers a ton of toppings and new bread selections like a fresh baguette, focaccia and even soft pretzel bread. These new options are a great opportunity for anyone willing to expand their palette and try something new.

“Dining Services decided to offer gourmet sandwiches at the deli station to increase variety,” said Linda Pianelli, the marketing manager of Hofstra University Dining Services. Sophomore Meaghan D’Amico likes the additions. “I really enjoy the changes and variety of the new sandwiches,” she said. “I like the addition of avocado to create the BALT. There never were any of those choices before.” Unfortunately, there are still kinks that need to be worked out. Since the selections of sandwiches have changed, it takes a little bit longer to make them. “The sandwiches all sound really yummy and I’d like to try them all,” said sophomore Toni Anne Simone. “The problem is that the employees don’t really know the recipes yet, so sometimes it can be inefficient and confusing during the dinner rush.” Students have also noticed that with the new recipes comes a resistance to making original combinations. Some students who wish to create their own sandwich have encountered limitations on mixing-and-matching certain types of bread or foods. Although Hofstra Dining Services claim there are no limitations while creating sandwiches, students have still encountered problems. “I think that’s a bit unfair,” said Kenny Cordero Rubiños, a Hofstra graduate student. “If you’re going to showcase the breads and variety, why limit the students on the choices?” Junior Allyson Judge agreed. “If you advertise something, you should be able to come through.” Despite these minor problems, Hofstra Dining Services is doing their best to constantly exceed student expectations.  “By conducting focus groups, talking to our guests, listening to the feedback on our Facebook page ‘Eating at Hofstra’ and working with student groups, Dining Services is able to make student focused changes each semester,” Pianelli said. Needless to say, Hofstra students can look forward to more dining improvements this year.

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