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Dorm Room Dish: Vegan Sandwich

Whether students are eating on campus or not, they have the right to choose to be a vegetarian or a vegan. For many, these dietary options are not as big of a decision as trying to find ways to creatively execute this lifestyle. Going to the Student Center to grab the most recent Chinese platter isn’t an option. Neither is a meaty wrap from the sandwich station. Snacks for vegans and vegetarians to munch on are important, but where are they hiding? When these students are up late pulling all-nighters, the options are limited. This snack is not only a tasty way to get the peanut butter cravings out of the way, but also to fuel your body. It’s not just peanut butter and jelly – it’s way more delicious than that.

This is a simple sandwich recipe, so all you will need is your preferred bread and your fillings: peanut butter and agave nectar. Agave nectar is a sweetener for you peanut butter, so it will be much sweeter than actual peanut butter. You can typically find it in a Whole Foods store.

For the filling, put peanut butter (1-2 teaspoons) on one of the slices of bread. Add agave nectar on top of it. You can add to this sandwich by using slices of bananas, apples, nuts, or other favorite healthy snacks. Everyone likes their peanut butter with something different.

Slice it in triangles like your mom used to do, in half like the Student Center does, or cut the crusts off. Whatever you like best!

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