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Dorm Room Dish: Hurricane Sandy

By Emily Windram

Staff Writer

As Long Island (and the entire East Coast) gets pummeled by Hurricane Sandy this week, the question on many students’ minds is surprisingly not about their safety, but about their meal options.  The brave (or slightly insane) ones can venture out to the few open areas on campus: the Student Center Cafeteria, the Netherlands Café, and Hofstra USA.  But during the brunt of the storm, which could last for quite some time, leaving the safety of their dorms to go get food is dangerous and just about impossible. Tons of people have prepared themselves by stocking up on simple groceries from Dutch Treats. Whether you’re bracing yourself against a hurricane or just having a lazy day, this is a great way to plan out quick meals without leaving your room. Here are some quick meal and snack ideas, made entirely from ingredients available at Dutch Treats:

Cereal (and milk if your fridge is working)! I recommend it as a quick and delicious breakfast, but often end up eating it between the hours of 12 and 4 am because it’s so easy to make. Sprinkle your cereal with some raisins if you’re feeling healthy.

Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches on white or wheat bread: a simple, timeless classic and a comfort food too.

Chop up some non-refrigerated fruit, such as apples, bananas, and blueberries, and mix them up in a container for an easy fruit salad!

Protein bars, NutriGrain bars, or other types of granola squares are a sweet but light snack.

For the pasta-inclined: You can stick with some typical cheap college noodles! If your faucet water is hot enough, you can pour it into a bowl of Ramen or EasyMac and stir well.

These are my personal choices while I wait out Hurricane Sandy, but you can stock up on plenty of other supplies and create your own favorites. If you must sit in your dorm going stir-crazy and listening to pouring rain, you can at least do it on a full stomach!

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