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Discovering why Charcoals Grill went missing

By Jana KaplanStaff Writer Last week, students suffered a loss when Charcoals Grill shut down temporarily due to complications with Hurricane Sandy. Students raced to the Student Center for burgers or country chicken and were faced with empty steel counters and a sign directing them to the American Kitchen Station, which offered subpar burgers, chicken fingers, and fries. Now the Grill is restored to its former glory, but students are still wondering what prompted the brief closure. Linda Pinelli, marketing manager of Lackmann services, said that there was “a problem with the exhaust hood above the cooking equipment.” Due to the hurricane, replacement parts were slow in reaching the University. Pianelli said that just like the people who waited for their power to come back, Lackmann services had to wait patiently for the new parts. “We [were] frustrated,” she said; but once the parts arrived, staff members worked hard to reopen Charcoal Grill in such a short period of time. “The plant department [made] the repairs to the exhaust hood,” Pianelli said. The Grill staff worked tirelessly to ensure that the grill was fired up as soon as possible. As we pick ourselves up from the effects of Hurricane Sandy, make sure to thank those who made sure that our lives were disrupted as little as possible, including the staff of the Charcoal Grill and Lackmann services.

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