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Democrats club revived, to debate other political groups in late March

By Claudia Balthazar

After being inactive for some time, the Hofstra Democrats (DHU) revive their club's existence following a 4-0-0 vote by the Student Government Association last week.

Formed a few years ago, the club fell apart after the majority of the members graduated. Last semester when a group of friends decided to support the philosophy of the Democrat Party, they started to form a group and are now an official club again.

"It all fell together," said Stephen Steglik, vice president of DHU. "We have a group of students who are very passionate. That's what's needed because that's what drives a club."

Steglik claims the club is less likely to fall apart because there are students from all class levels.

"We're set up to where, for at least another four years, the Hofstra Democrats will be on campus," he said. "We will make sure we are heard."

The club's counterpart, the College Republicans [HCR], has been active for years now and are thrilled to have a Democrat club back on campus.  

"Although Hofstra is a very liberal campus, there were no official democratic clubs so their voice wasn't heard," said Lisa Serbaniewicz, chairwoman of the HCR. "So we're excited to have someone to debate with."

 The group will hold a debate with the DHU and the College Libertarians club on March 29.

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