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Dancing in the Dark

by: Caitlyn HuchisonSpecial To The Chronicle

The vibrant and energetic atmosphere at the Danceworks performance this past week was infectious. As Hofstra students, parents and alumni walked into the Playhouse and settled into their seats, a certain hum settled over the auditorium. The hum turned into a roar of cheers as the lights dimmed and the curtains rose. After weeks of choreographing, rehearsing, hard work, blood, sweat and tears that dancers experience close to a performance, the dancers took the stage and gave it all they had and more. The contemporary pieces were deep and crafted from personal hardships and struggles, the jazz pieces were flirty and vivacious while showing off sharp steps and sultry moves, and the hip-hop pieces were fun combinations of tricky moves and body rolls. The dancers’ techniques were flawless, and all pieces were well rehearsed. The showcase took on a level of professionalism via the stage crew and lighting design. It was a complete show that took dedication and hard work from the Danceworks members, and the love and support from the audience was incredible. For some of the choreographers and dancers, it was their first time bringing their story and energy to the Hofstra stage. Each piece was performed with passion, vigor and a love for dance.

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