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CPK will not be returning after Spring 2013

California Pizza Kitchen By Samantha Neudorf Assistant News Editor

Students will choose the dining service that will take over California Pizza Kitchen’s location when it departs from campus in May 2013, according to Lackmann Culinary Services.

CPK made the decision to withdraw this past summer because they wanted to leave “non-traditional” business accounts, such as the one on campus, to focus on a new direction for their company.

Linda Pianelli, Marketing Manager of Lackmann Culinary Services, sees this change as an opportunity to branch out and try out a new concept.

“Although students still enjoy CPK, it is not in our hands to decide if they stay or leave,” Pianelli said. “It is an opportunity for us to bring a new brand onto campus to increase student satisfaction.”

Hofstra has been granted an extension to keep CPK to maintain services to students and avoid unnecessary interruptions.

Pianelli also explained that student focus groups and Facebook polls and surveys would determine what pizzeria would move in to the Atrium location.

In the past, students chose Sbarro’s Pizza and Maui Tacos in CPK’s current location. Next semester, student focus groups will discuss possible pizza brands to replace CPK.

“Students have been eager to talk about what they would like to see replace CPK and we have taken into consideration all of these ideas,” Pianelli said.

Dymetri Cleveland, junior marketing major, would like to see Papa John’s, Pizza Hut, or Sbarro again. He eats at CPK quite often because it’s the only thing open late at night besides Hofstra USA.

“It’s been here for pretty much more than half of my college life. I’ll miss it,” Cleveland said.

Megan Andrews, sophomore finance and accounting major, is the Appropriations Chair for the Student Government Association and was aware that CPK was leaving this May.

“I understand why it’s not coming back and I’m fine with the decision,” Andrews said.

Andrews would like a chain to replace it and not a mom-and-pop place.

“I’d like to have food that’s the same across the board and something that could be mass produced better than a mom-and-pop place that’s used to big, single slice pizzas. I like the personalized pizzas,” Andrews said.

Jaclyn Weil, sophomore, is a vegetarian and only eats at CPK when it’s really late.

“I hope they have a better place. Something healthier and maybe with more vegetarian options such as Skinny Pizza,” Weil said.

Skinny Pizza is an organic, preservative-free restaurant that also serves pasta and salad. There are locations in Roslyn Heights and the Roosevelt Field Mall. Skinny Pizza offers thin and crispy pizzas and is “health and environmentally conscious,” according to the Skinny Pizza website.

Nicole Shutt, freshman environmental engineering major, heard rumors that CPK was going to be moved to the Netherlands. She was disappointed to hear that CPK will not return.

“I enjoy CPK. I don’t really want another place to come,” Shutt said. “It’s good food and they have pasta. If another pizza place comes, our options might be less.”

Shutt does not know what she would like to see replace CPK, but “they [the new dining service] better have pineapple.”

In addition to CPK’s leave, Pura Vida will not be returning. Lackmann staff said that the location would remain relatively unchanged but will serve Green Mountain Coffee and have more specialty drinks and variety, particularly in tea.

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