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Big Show brings back Burlesque toned down

By Jeanine Russaw, Special to the Chronicle


Anyone who enjoys being thrown food items (such as packets of cheese or cookies)- most likely an attempt to engage the females in the room as well as the guys, should have been at this show. Why not? Apparently the common phrase that sex and food actually go well together is true- at least in the minds of the Big Show Burlesque Company.         

In its second year coming to Hofstra, this group of sensual performers brought beauty to the stage of the student body typical hang out place, popularly known as "Hof USA," albeit, not in a conventional way. Succeeding the school's only all girl a cappella group, Makin' Treble, Big Show Burlesque did indeed have a tough act to follow. In the minds of the minute audience surrounding the stage that night, the company slightly failed to deliver on their second coming. What does one expect when one agrees to see a burlesque show? Guys would most  likely answer that with a phrase containing the word "nudity," and they would be right. However, the host of the festivities, Pete Redman, forewarned the audience on the lack thereof based on a photo scandal and  the wrath of  the Hofstra Administration shortly thereafter.  

What possibly cheapened the show for the audience was the distribution or throwing of cheese at random points in the show (3 times!).  The "humorous" portion of the show left a lot to be desired from students' perspective, and the show would have been a lot better without it, though the energy levels of all involved were appreciated. 

As for the performers themselves, the most notable was "Hazel Honeysuckle" who stylishly captivated her audience with a beautiful costume, followed by a cookie monster motif in her final performance of the evening. Overall, the performance would be worth watching for anyone that can appreciate the beauty of dance and the human body's methods of seduction. If you like perpetual rotation, cat women, and alchemists, this was the show for you! 

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