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Beauty: Winterizing your skincare routine

By Isabela JacobsenStaff Writer It’s no surprise that we are very busy Hofstra students right now, and that the semester is at its busiest. These stressful days lead to lack of skin care, and I don’t blame you! There’s no time to actually take off your makeup carefully, or get enough beauty sleep, so here are some tips to give your skin some relief: 1. The Eyes: The eyes are super sensitive, which means that as much as you want to just rub off the eye makeup, don’t give in! Use a different type of makeup remover than the one for your face, so it’s not rough on your eyes. This won’t irritate the eyes and it’s worth a little of your time. If you pull too much on your eyes, this will cause future wrinkles (no, thank you!). I’d recommend products like the Bare Minerals Firming Eye Treatment. 2. The Lips: The first thing I’d like to say is, drink some water! Keep hydrated between studying and doing homework. This is good for everything in your body, but it can be very visible when your lips are super dry from lack of hydration. Keep your lips healthy with some ChapStick. Put some ChapStick or other lip balm on before you sleep to see a difference when you wake up to plump and hydrated lips. Another tip is to use a toothbrush on your lips to scrub away all the yucky dryness before going out. This is a simple way to exfoliate. 3. Acne: Breakouts are very common when you’re stressed, and it sucks! I know it feels like all hope is lost, but don’t ignore it. I’ll repeat: don’t ignore acne care! Makeup will clog your pores and make the acne worse, so don’t sleep with makeup on. Don’t forget to use your favorite face wash and skin products, especially in the morning and at night. I personally love Clinique: the Three-Step Acne Solution and the Pore Refining Solution. We all have different skin, so go with the products that work for you. 4. Moisturize: If you have dry skin, you basically have to moisturize all the time. This way your skin will look awake and healthy in the morning. Especially now that winter is arriving, moisturizing is super-important. Another tip is to have two different moisturizers, one for morning and one for nighttime, so your skin doesn’t get tired of the same moisturizer and begin to resist it. 5. Eat Healthy: I know that this is very hard especially when you’re stressed out, but during stressful times your skin likes to act out even more, so the best way to minimize it is to choose fruits and vegetables instead of chips and popcorn. Plus, make sure to drink lots of water. Your skin will thank you later for it.

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