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An introduction to Greek life, IFSC

By Rachel DooleySpecial to the Chronicle

As the school year comes to a full swing, Greek life on campus swings with it. Sororities and fraternities are preparing for the upcoming recruitment process, and the approaching Homecoming weekend. So far this school year, only the fraternities and sororities in the African-Latino Fraternal Sororal Alliance (ALFSA) have held an open house for students interested in joining. This open house had a turnout of about 20 students and was an introduction to the organizations. It also gave these fraternities and sororities a chance to show their pride in Greek life. The Panhellenic Council and the Inter-Fraternity Council will kick off recruitment season starting in early October, with Round Robin. Until then, the focus of Greek life is on Homecoming and float building. This year, the overall theme of Homecoming is American Musicians. Jean Marie Doherty is the president of Delta Phi Epsilon and has been spending time in the multipurpose room with the other Greek life to create their float. “We’re Jimmy Hendrix, so our float has a lot of tie-dye and is very hippie,” said Doherty. Robin Holloway, Homecoming chair of Theta Tau, took a moment from working with his pre-professional fraternity to comment on the experience. “It’s a whole lot of fun and a whole lot of stress, and I look forward to doing it every year,” said Holloway. After the parade, each fraternity and sorority will put on skits that incorporate their theme, pride in their organization and pride in Hofstra. Mario Bolanos, Assistant Director of Student Leadership and Activities, shared his thoughts on the upcoming festivities. “This weekend really showcases the unity of Greek life and the students’ pride in their organizations,” said Bolanos. However, there have been sororities and fraternities that have been banned from campus. This year, the sororities and fraternities that are no longer recognized include Zeta Beta Tau, Sigma Sigma Sigma, Delta Sigma Phi and Kappa Alpha Psi.  Organizations lose their affiliation with the University if they are found to be hazing or if they are no longer recognized on a national or local level, according to the OSLA web page for IFSC. “There are only negatives to rushing for an unrecognized fraternity or sorority,” said Bolanos. “It is a waste of money since none of the fees go to the national level, extreme hazing is a strong possibility, and there is no council to supervise the actions of the fraternity or sorority.” While many find Greek life exciting and a large part of the college experience, there are many who feel differently. Some students have decided to completely disregard Greek presence. Freshman Abby Wellspeak is not interested in the sorority lifestyle, nor does she feel pressured to join. “I don’t know too much about Greek life, but I know it is not for me,” said Wellspeak. “I definitely feel that it rules the nightlife at Hofstra, but I never feel as if they’re jumping down my throat or anything.” Even if a student chooses not to join Greek life, many events hosted by sororities and fraternities encourage anyone to participate. The Greek organizations’ performance for “Float Lip Syncing” will start off Homecoming weekend on Thursday. And that’s just one of many coming events—stay tuned for more in the future!

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