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A new fall season means new fall makeup

By Isabel JacobsenSpecial to the Chronicle Let’s be honest, Hofstra girls. Besides the fact that we can finally go back to our usual boots and scarves, autumn is the perfect excuse to buy new makeup! First off, breathe a sigh of relief: no more worries about our foundation melting off our face. Save the sweat-free primer for the gym because now our makeup will last the whole day. Switch back to the neutral colors, but don’t think that means we have to go with the natural look every day. Fall is the perfect season for some gold. Ditch the black eyeliner for a day and go for shimmer gold eyeliner for a change, or pair up a dark bonze gold eye shadow with a white gold shadow for the inner corner of the eye to brighten and open up the eyes. The popular Naked Palette from Urban Decay has the perfect gold tones for a pretty but subtle gold look. Another autumn look for the eyes are earthy tones such as green and brown. We resent brown at times because we’re scared to take the risk on a “dull” color, but don’t fear brown! We usually use brown for the crease on our eyelid to give depth to our eyes, and while this is nice for a natural look, brown can also be used for other purposes. Explore different types of brown such as a shimmery shade, or use brown with beige to create a soft look. Brown can also substitute dark eyeliner. If you want a light make up for the day, and don’t have brown eyeliner, using brown eye shadow with an angled brush around the eyes, especially the edge of the eye, creates the same look as eyeliner and lasts even longer. If brown is still too dull for you, apply a bright color on top of the brown eyeliner with an angled brush to make it more fun and colorful.  Don’t forget that gold goes well with brown too. Aside from all the options we have for eyes this fall, don’t throw away any of your summer blushes! Darker options are perfect for an autumn look, but we don’t want to lose those rosy cheeks. Red rosy cheeks are a perfect way to stay cute in the chilly weather. Plus don’t forget that natural eye makeup opens up doors for a bold lipstick color. Can’t wait to see all you Hofstra ladies flaunting your fabulous fall makeup.

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