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A new age for The Chronicle

It’s nice to be back, isn’t it? We get away from home for a bit, we gain some independence, and we can party until the break of dawn. Of course, when I say “party,” I mean “partake in studies that help enrich our college experience by broadening our horizons through academic conquests.” Every new school year comes with new changes. Hopefully, with those changes comes improvement. Here at The Chronicle, we are preparing to change for the better. I guarantee it. For 77 years, The Chronicle has provided students, faculty and community with news on all things Hofstra. We are steeped in tradition that is as old as the University itself, and we pride ourselves on bringing the news that YOU want to see.

This is a big year for Hofstra. We are lucky enough to host a Presidential Debate for the second time. We are in a situation that millions of people would love to be in, and we will do our best to bring you the top-notch coverage that you deserve to read.

I am honored to be able to work with such a talented staff that will bring you news ranging from faculty to field hockey. Your news will be unbiased, factual and grammatically correct.

Yes, we are a college newspaper, but we will begin acting as professionally as possible, and there will be no room for typos, misprints, or unacceptable behavior here.

We have also been working hard to expand our online presence. Journalism is ever changing, and we have created a new website that is cleaner and easier to navigate. You can see for yourself at We are also in the process of building our YouTube channel, where you will be provided with visuals from sporting events, concerts and other important functions.

If you do find problems with our newspaper, either in print or online, please feel free to get in contact with

With that said, on behalf of The Hofstra Chronicle, I’d like to welcome everyone back to another school year. Let’s make it a good one. Roll Pride.

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