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A first-year’s guide to registration this Sunday

By Jana Kaplan Staff Writer

For freshmen, Spring ’13 registration is right around the corner, but they’re not the only ones who need to fulfill distributions. For anyone who has requirements they have yet to take, why not take something interesting and eligible, so that you can make the most of your semester!

There is so much more to science than just the dreadful chem and bio.  Professor Wayne Ramsey teaches the NS The Physical Science, where the nature of science is emphasized to relate to current science issues. Next semester, the lecture is Mondays from 4:30-6:20 and the lab is Wednesday at the same time. Senior Jamie Cook signed up for the class, like many other students, because she had to.  However, she ended up leaving the class really enjoying it and Professor Ramsey. “He made it actually okay to be in the class,” and as he “tries to keep students engaged,” the non-majors are able to truly understand the material. The class does consist of basic astronomy, chemistry, and physics concepts, but it is an easy class to get an easy A!

If you’ve completed all your sciences and need a MC, William Orr teaches MATH 30B TR 2:20-345. He is a popular professor among past students, because he gives back half credit on test corrections and he thoroughly prepares his students for exams. Elementary Education major Mandy Jane Roy took Math 30B, because it fulfilled her requirement, but it ended up being “a good review of basic math skills…[where she] learned a lot of new practical math skills.” She says that Professor Orr “made the class interesting” and expressed his passion of math through helping ensure his students success The majority of students dread math, but Explorations in Math might help you learn to enjoy it!

Sociology has become a popular BH for college students, because it’s the study of people.  As 18-21 year old young adults, we are constantly studying people. Stephanie Ross, a sophomore, is currently taking SOC 160, Sociology of Gender with Professor Victor Corona. She says his class is relevant to today’s society, and they often discuss topics such as pop culture, and “norms of what you should do on a date.” Professor Corona provides a “relaxed atmosphere” and likes his students “to get involved and tell…their experiences.” There isn’t much difficult grading, and the midterm is based on students’ topic of choice. If lessons on Lady Gaga seem interesting to you, sign up for SOC 160 TR at either 11:10 or 12:45.

Okay boys, this one’s for you. It might be more difficult for you to decide what CP classes to take, but don’t think your masculinity will disappear by taking a dance class! Besides the fact that there are tons of hot girls in those classes, you might actually learn a lot about yourself as well as the craft.

However, if you’re not into doing physical activity for a grade, why not indulge in your imagination and take Creative Writing as your CP requirement! Junior Kayla Engeman is in the class now and she likes to refer to it as her “safe haven.” Professor Plath teaches two sections of CRWR 133, and he makes sure that students care about what he’s teaching. Though the class needs a prerequisite of WSC 001, it is very simple and allows students, like Kayla to “express [themselves] and feel the support from other students.” The class is very laid back, and as long as you show up and do the assignments, you’ll do well.

We all know history isn’t always the most interesting school subject, but HP offers a philosophy of law class in which students, like freshman Jennifer Karasik are “analyzing different philosophies and views relating to government.” Law is very relevant in society, and with frequent class discussions, Jennifer says that Professor Baher makes the class as interesting as possible. Next semester, the class is offered MW 12:50-2:15 as well as 2:55-4:20, and even features class trips (a rare occasion in college) so that the students can apply what they learn to everyday life. Professor Baher is fair with the workload, and always “makes herself available” for her students outside of class.

So many distributions, so little time! Engl 115 is a good choice for a LT distribution. In this class, you will learn all about the “comedies, histories, and tragedies” of Shakespeare, as well as become familiar with the use of sonnets and Shakespearean language. For Nicole Wright, she said one of her favorite classes over the past four years was Early Shakespearean Plays with Vimala Pasupathi. Not only did it fulfill a requirement for her minor, it made her come “out of the class with a new appreciation” for William Shakespeare. Like many literature classes, there is a lot of work to be done, but it is well worth it. Professor Pasupathi offers many opportunities for participation, and because she is so knowledgeable about Shakespeare, she makes sure her students understand all of the work she teaches.

Taking boring classes is inevitable in college. However, it isn’t impossible to find a fun class that will give you the credits you need! The great thing about distributions is many don’t need prerequisites, and you can take them whether you’re a freshman or a senior. It’s never too late to make last minute changes to your schedule. So hurry and get to these classes before they fill up!

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