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HaHa Hofstra: November showcase

By: Katelyn HarropAssistant Entertainment Editor On the last Friday of every month one can find a section of the Netherland’s Core transformed into an intimate makeshift theater to host a performance by HaHa Hofstra. Veteran member Dan Johnson, acted as emcee and offered a joke here and there throughout the night. Johnson seemed extremely comfortable on stage and offered a much needed flow to the show. Although the performing members were of a variety of skill and experience levels many were contributing to the showcase for the first time. Most of the new members stumbled over a joke at one point or another but the slight mistakes were more endearing than unprofessional. The audience remained exceedingly patient and supportive throughout their sets. Peter Waters was one such performer. Although he did not appear exceedingly comfortable on stage and froze at moments, his comical story was well planned and his use of creative language helped land the jokes successfully. Returning performer Riley Metcalfe, was a highlight of the night. His material was well prepared and executed. His most popular joke described Twitter as a reminder that one really isn’t alone in the world and elicited some of the most genuine laughs of the night. Last Friday’s performance was the last for senior club president Max Lehman who will be graduating this month. Johnson offered a nice introduction to Lehman’s performance, crediting him for his contributions to the club throughout his time as member and president. Although Lehman’s jokes did not receive a memorable response from the audience his dedication to the club was obvious. HaHa Hofstra has received some negative attention in the past for featuring somewhat racist or otherwise politically incorrect material in their showcases. The majority of the event’s performers kept their material tasteful and generally respectful, although there were a few jokes that could be construed as racially or religiously insensitive. Though the event was well moderated and cohesive, the showcase felt a little too long. That said, the audience was exceedingly polite throughout the entire evening. All in all, the HaHa Hofstra November showcase was an enjoyable event for those looking for a night of creative comedy. The group will continue to do monthly showcases throughout the coming semester.

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