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University applying to host presidential debate

By Kira Kazantsev

  Student Government Association boasted about a proposition during Tuesday night's meeting that could possibly result in another historical event happening at Hofstra in 2012. This is the opportunity to host the another presidential debate on campus. The Hofstra senate passed the proposition, presented by President Jimmy Wells and Vice President Luke Miedrich.

"I am so excited that Hofstra is applying for a second debate, but a little upset that I will not be here for it," Miedrich said. "The debate season is truly one of the best times at Hofstra."

   Wells, the main contributor on the proposition for the 2012 debate, said that he wrote this legislation to gain student support for Hofstra. "Most students that were here during the debate can say that it was one of the highlights of their college career," Wells said.

Wells also stated that in terms of his presidency this semester, he hopes to "address diversity and multiculturalism on campus, generate discussion with the different groups and increase awareness of their missions."

 Not only did the debate proposition pass, but also two new on-campus clubs were officially approved. The Foundation for International Medical Relief for Children now has a chapter at Hofstra. It is an internationally recognized National Government Organization that helps children in developing nations that need medical relief, care, medical education, etc.  Locally, they will be working with children and also fundraising to be able to send their chapter overseas. The club also hopes for speakers from Doctors Without Borders to give members insight on how it is to treat patients overseas and inform them on the realities of their conditions. The second new club to campus is called "T'daa!" Teaching Dance as Art. They are trying to change the way dance is taught; there are special techniques that can be used in teaching children. Many senators asked, "What sets them apart from all the other dance clubs on campus?" The representatives fromT'daa! stated that "they are not starting this club based on performances for themselves, but are focusing more on teaching dance to children and helping them learn through dance."  

Among other business at the SGA meeting was the election of three new senators. There are now only four spaces left in the senate. Those that wish to be a part of Hofstra's senate are recommended to begin the process as soon as possible. Library hours are going to be extended soon, as to allow students more study time. Finally, Pura Vida will soon be giving out punch cards. Each coffee purchase earns a punch on the card, and after a certain amount of purchases, you get one free. Tuesday resulted in a very successful meeting, passing all things proposed and presenting several new additions and opportunities to the Hofstra community.

(Courtney Walsh/The Chronicle)

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