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Trump tops election discussions

By Miles Bett, Columnist

            Well it is nearing this time again. No, not when we get ready to go home for break and enjoy our well earned repast. What I mean is the running up to the next presidential election. Don't worry, I am aware that it isn't for over a year, but for the press the elections seems to start further and further away as the years have gone by. Soon presidents will be voicing their desire to run again in the inaugural speech. That will be my final cue to leave this country.

            No, what I have come to talk to you about this week is Donald Trump. I am sure you are aware of him, loud, obnoxious, capped in fake hair. All you need to know really. I say that not as an insult, though I won't stop you from taking it that way. I really say it because he has proven it to be true without a shadow of a doubt. I am, of course, referring to his desire to run for president. Does anyone else see him standing in front of Obama when he wins the election saying "you're fired."

            What I am driving at is that to me, Trump would be worse than Sarah Palin. Coming from me that is a terrible admission. Sarah Palin scares me in more ways than one and I am sure a fair number of your feel it as well. What would ever bring me to say this though? It is that Sarah Palin, to me at least, is simply a fool. She would be a terrible politician because she wouldn't know what she is doing. That is bad enough as is, but there is an innocence to it, as well as the prospect of being poked in the right direction by those who do know what they are doing. What is so much worse about Trump would be that he would run the country like a business and think it politics. Sadly there seems to be little difference now a-days, but that is for another column. I worry that he would renovate this country and then try and sell it to the highest bidder. What that entails politically I can't even hazard a guess but I'd imagine it would be a lot like a building changing hands while the renters get screwed. Don't get me wrong; Trump is a very smart guy. You have to be to do as well as he has. But I firmly believe that you also have to be scrupulous as well, not a characteristic I'd want in the White House.

 Yes, global politics seems to be very much about negotiating treaties and agreements, and that could be manageable when looked at from the real estate point of view. Think house prices. But the point of a business is to make money, and more over make the owner rich. There is little doubt in my mind that were you to put a firmly business oriented leader in charge of this country and that is exactly what you would get. Slashed workers rights and increased demand. That is not a country I would envy, nor would anyone else. So please, though this is far off, vote Palin if you have to. It would trump Trump.

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