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The Dorm Room Dish

By Samantha Lim, Staff Writer

This week's recipe is a way of bidding a fair adieu to the fall season and welcoming spring, which peeks just around the corner. Sweet potato ice cream incorporates fall flavors in a treat usually reserved for warmer weather. If you're a fan of sweet potato fries, mash, pie or candied yams, this recipe is sure to melt your heart.

Sweet potato ice cream might sound a bit radical to those who like to play it safe with food. After all, sweet potato is a vegetable. If you are feeling cynical, think of it this way: sweet potatoes are like a sweeter version of pumpkin, and it is hardly uncommon to spot pumpkin-flavored ice cream in ice cream parlors or in freezer aisles of supermarkets. In fact, this sweet potato ice cream is almost indistinguishable from pumpkin ice cream. Have your vegetables and dessert too!

I used to gripe over the fact that I did not own an ice cream machine. The thought of homemade ice cream was so appealing. The day I discovered it was possible to make your own ice cream without a machine felt like Christmas; now I am sharing this knowledge of how ridiculously easy it is. Preparation takes well under 20 minutes, not including freezing time, which is basically just waiting around in anticipation.

Condensed milk is the key to making an ice cream base that will not freeze solid. It also gives your ice cream a nice, creamy texture.

In a large bowl, mix condensed milk, heavy cream and vanilla extract together. The original recipe calls for an electric whisk at this point, but as a college student, I find it highly unlikely that anyone living in the dorms has one conveniently stored in the back of his or her closet. Under test and trial, I simply put more muscle into beating the concoction by hand until it reached the frothy consistency I was looking for.

Add sweet potato puree, nutmeg and cinnamon to the concoction, then whisk again. Pour everything into a container or tin, and cover with cling wrap. This goes into your freezer overnight. Take note that if you use a shallow container, the ice cream will freeze faster.

Suggested toppings for your sweet potato ice cream include but are not limited to mini marshmallows and honey-roasted pecans.

The next time you take on the role of host or hostess, think of the appeal of serving your very own handcrafted ice cream to friends. How about surprising your family when you head home for the vacations? Imagine the look of delight on their faces when you serve them ice cream, straight from the kitchen instead of a store-bought tub.


This no-churn ice cream recipe is easy to prepare and will make your semester a whole lot sweeter! (Samantha Lim/The Chronicle)

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