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Tech Talk iPad and App review

By Nate Sukonik

 Let me just start off by saying to all the techies out there, this review is not only for you. This review is relevant for the masses. People everywhere are learning about the new craze which is the iPad.  If you have an iPhone 4, then maybe you don't feel you need the iPad, however, the iPad is an incredible device that has the ability to bring all sorts of multimedia to college students, workers, scientists, doctors, astronomers, and just about anyone.  Now, you might be saying to yourself that a starting price of nearly $500 for an iPad is a bit too steep, but lucky for you, this is a decent price to pay for a device that can download from nearly 600,000 applications at a moment's notice. That's a lot of apps that provide many different uses. These apps provide everything from charting our solar system to defining the 3D anatomy of the human body, and the best part is that all this is contained on a 10 inch touch screen display.

A non-believer of the iPad may say to forget the apps because there is no flash player. Well, there are apps out there that can solve this temporary problem. Regardless, you can still enjoy browsing the Internet without flash video. This includes QuickTime video, YouTube video as well as many other options. The Internet is changing, and so is the way we view it. Although many of us may not be ready for this change, Apple Inc.'s devices tend to be a little bit before its time.  Meanwhile, we can thank them for giving us a look at the future of technology.

Now, for every issue proceeding this one, I will do an app review at the request of our readers. Contact me to vote.


Bowmaster – best 3D archery game imaginable

Tumblr – blog away with this fantastic app

Evernote – your own personal multimedia note database

Ouiwrite – writes your essays for you, really!

Citytransit – travel NYC Metro like you lived there all your life

Docstogo – Microsoft Office for your phone or iPad

Wallet – you will never lose it

RF11 – ever wanted to go to the world cup? Now it's a game!

CP Pro – Basic Photography to the max!

Pandora – Genome of Music

Facebook – The best app period

Zagat – for the foodie in you

Skyfire – flash video + Internet = bestselling app

TWC – don't get caught in the rain

Graphcalc – ever left your Graphing Calculator at home, I have.

Hofstra – great app, especially if you go there.       



Please contact me at my e-mail address:  In this issue I will do a special review of my favorite applications for the iPhone, which in many cases can also be used on the iPad.  For all of you Google Android and Research In Motion fans, I will also do reviews for those devices and their apps.


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