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Students must take time to appreciate autumn

By Elisabeth D. Turner, Columnist

The temperature has finally dropped and in the air is the inviting essence of autumn. Homework has finally hit hard, but the beams of October sunlight shining through your window make getting up in the morning just a bit easier. The aroma of that pumpkin spice latte you grabbed from Starbucks on your way to class will keep your calm. Chilly nights are spent writing last-minute term papers, while overly long lectures allow your thoughts to drift to what you will wear at that Halloween bash next week. No matter how difficult a task or busy your schedule may be, the rich red hues of the leaves outside will supply you with inspiration.   

Take advantage of autumn's regenerative energy and bundle up to catch an afternoon train from Mineola to Penn Station, just as the city lights begin to glow. Sit down to an elegant dinner at Telepan on 72 West and 69 Street. Then head over to Greenwich Village's Chess Shop on Thompson Street to get a free chess lesson.  

As you're walking along the streets, take a moment to observe the people passing by you. The seemingly accomplished woman dressed in a gown and pearls may actually not be so fortunate. The homeless man you pass by on Broadway may have once been the CEO of a top corporation. The young girl with tears streaming down her face needs is a smile or word of encouragement.  

Sure, it's New York City. But take a chance – a safe one of course – to initiate a wave of hope, of restoration. You'll soon realize that it is in a city so full of both success and sorrow that one can truly find the motivation to make a difference.  It is here that one can find the inspiration to keep moving forward, to dream big and pursue change.  Here you will find a reason to continue studying, to continue pulling those all-nighters.

October may not be the time for pool parties or barbecues, but it can be a month of life-changing adventure. As a Hofstra student, you are surrounded by unparalleled opportunity. Take a look outside that window in the morning and let autumn's beauty inspire you to embrace the moment by taking a step towards making a lasting difference.


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