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Some renovations great, but others rather excessive

By Chelsea Royal, Columnist

It began two years ago at Bits and Bytes. Then, it happened during the winter of last year at the gym. This summer, it came to Kate and Willy's and Dutch Treats, and two of the towers. Renovations have taken over Hofstra's dining halls and other on-campus facilities.

When looking at Hofstra, one of the school's features that initially drew me in was the beauty of the campus and its facilities. The school's appearance was superior to the majority of the others that I had visited and I knew that these facilities were well taken care of.

But Hofstra continues to amaze me with its year to year renovations; even when its members are unsure if these changes are really needed.

In some cases, these renovations were necessary and certain buildings needed to be refurnished. When I lived in Colonial Square my freshman year, the paint was stained and peeling and the floor was chipped. I was happy to hear about the work this residence complex had over the summer.

Au Bon Pain, a popular destination during lunch time, seems to get especially overcrowded. There have been several occasions where my friends and I want to eat lunch together in one of the booths, only to find that some booths are taken over by a single person.

Of course, it's not fair to ask someone else to leave that spot when they were clearly there first. There should be more single seats available in this eatery. In addition, the restaurant could provide more seating and tables outside.

Expanding Au Bon Pain would give the place a true restaurant feel and would become less of a "grab and go" type of eatery.

Another dining option that becomes over packed during certain times of the day is Café on the Quad. The Starbucks-like building sometimes has a line out the door in between classes. There is a limited amount of tables indoors and are very small.

If Hofstra expanded this coffee stop, students and faculty would get more use out of the Café. Students do not really have the option to sit down with friends, meet for a study group, or spread out their homework like other Starbucks cafés. It would also be beneficial to provide a larger work area behind the counter and more staff. The lines would shorten and students would make it to class on time because they did not have to wait in line for their coffee.

While some eateries have space issues, I think that no building in particular shows desperate need of a makeover. Yes, some rooms in the residence halls could use a paint job, or some lounges might need a new sofa. But overall, Hofstra maintains an attractive appearance on both the north and south sides of campus. So, even though the University's appearance is important, there may be a better way to spend these investments if these renovations are not crucial.

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