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SGA Senators argue over legislation

By Kira Kazanstev

   Tuesday's SGA meeting was not a normal civilized affair. With heated discussions, shouts of resignations and profanities being thrown around the room, it was a miracle that five clubs were passed and are now officially recognized by SGA. Due to a piece of legislation proposed for passage, which was ultimately tabled and left for further discussion next meeting, the event resulted in the upheaval of several angered senators.

However the meeting resulted in the addition of five new clubs to the Hofstra campus. The Max Kolb Telethon club raises money for a Hofstra film scholarship and is now an official organization on campus, open to all students, not just the School of Communication. The National Students Speech Language and Hearing Association is an organization that provides scholarships to children who cannot afford services at the Hofstra Saltzman Center. They also participate in community service events and read to local children. The Ayn Rand Forum for Independent Thought is a new philosophical club on campus. Their focus is to teach classical philosophy so that members can contribute to discussion and also bring in lecturers to inform the members of new club. Students in Free Enterprise is a nonprofit organization that is international in 39 countries and is now at Hofstra. Its basis is to go out into the community and find problems such as bad textbooks in schools, and find a business approach to solve the problem. Finally, the much-anticipated Hofstra Quidditch team has been officially recognized by SGA as a club. For those who do not know, Quidditch is a sport adapted from the Harry Potter Novels by J.K. Rowling. It is a mixture of football, track, soccer and dodge ball. The team has already been invited to play at Harvard and will also be playing Stonybrook and NYU soon.

Vice President of the Student Government Association, Luke Miedrich stated, "I really enjoy seeing so many clubs getting passed each meeting, because it shows that Hofstra students are doing an excellent job in getting involved in Hofstra's community."

Finally, the Women's Basketball team is hosting an event called Pink Zone to raise money for breast cancer. They are offering $500 dollars to the Hofstra Organization that can get the most points based on attendance, donations and pink attire. The game is this Sunday, Feb. 20th at 1 p.m. SGA encourages all organizations to attend and participate.



Senators eventually tabled the controversial legislation. (Luara Molinari/The Hofstra Chronicle)

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