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SGA faces complaints from members

By Ben Suazo, Sports Copy Editor

Clubs on campus may wish to confirm that they are registered in Hofstra's CollegiateLink directory, now that SGA will bar unregistered clubs from receiving funds for Budget Weekend. The resolution, introduced by Appropriations Chair Jordan Baer, was passed at the end of Tuesday's SGA meeting and is intended to enforce a complete representation of clubs online.

Jordan Baer spoke at the start of the meeting, to share conclusions made by the Elections Commission on Sunday. Students running for the Senate will not be required to submit their resume and DAR, he said, but should simply submit their election packets by April 1. Baer also had a more sensitive topic to discuss with the Senate, regarding that same Elections Commission meeting.

"You don't have to like our decisions, and you don't have to agree with them," said Baer, in response to angry messages in which the commission's faithfulness was questioned. "But you do have to respect them and comply."

Baer indicated that the commission was offended over the weekend saying, "I was really, really surprised and taken aback by some of the messages sent through Facebook to members. They were even feeling attacked to a certain degree."

Then SGA approved a new academic club at the meeting, Get Global, for which Vice President Luke Miedreich briefly rescinded his position as the Senate's Chair and lent his support to introduce the club. Together with Senator Edward Sitt, Miedreich presented the club as complementary to Hofstra's new Global Studies, and anticipated Sustainability Studies major (Fall 2011)—meetings will be held Mondays at 6 p.m., currently in 209 Roosevelt Hall.

For special business, Associate Director Robyn Kaplan (OSLA) invited SGA to rally students over WalkINN to Fight Hunger, a fundraiser hosted April 9 to support Interfaith Nutrition Network's soup kitchens and emergency shelters for Long Island's homeless. Kaplan also said that in lieu of an alternative spring break outing to D.C., for which only nine students had declared interest, she was arranging a group for Midnight Run, which she called "an incredible, incredible opportunity" to interact with and lend support to New York's homeless.

Senator Katie Friedman, credited with a "golden heart" by her peers, shared some insight from her own experience with Midnight Run. "It was the most warming experience I've ever been on. I humbly encourage everyone to go," said Friedman. Kaplan encouraged interested students to attend Friday's meeting at 4:30 p.m. in the Student Center.

Among rejected amendments to the constitution was Senator Victoria Rametta's second attempt to crystallize funding for future Provost's Scholar Receptions, the next of which is 2:30-4 p.m. this Friday. Both SGA President Jimmy Wells and Hofstra Provost Herman A. Berliner support her bill, and Rametta expressed her agitation that just six votes could topple the necessary 40-vote majority for a constitutional amendment. "I don't know what concerns people have," Rametta said, after her request to hear concerns was met with silence.

Senator Tyler Greenpope offered one insight from his own decision to vote against the bill. "I opposed, because it only benefits a small population at Hofstra, and I feel things we put our money towards should be for the greater population," Greenpope said.

Sam Erickson and Megan Kennedy were also sworn in at the meeting, leaving just one seat empty in the Senate. And as for the Elections Commission's possible reaction to offensive messages as elections approach, Baer was reassuring and said, "Everything's been taken care of now, and we're looking forward to seeing how elections pan out." 

Caitlin Rauchle debates legislation at SGA meeting. (Laura Molinari/The Chronicle)

SGA reviews minutes. (Laura Molinari/The Chronicle)

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