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SGA Corner: New clubs passed

By Claudia Balthazar, Staff Writer

This week, the Romance Language Club and Society of Physics Students have been recognized as SGA clubs. The major goals of these two clubs are to not only allow students to enjoy their stay at Hofstra, but to also give them a stepping stone in gaining jobs in the future.

The Romance Language Club is set up to allow students to practice foreign languages with their peers. Club members that are learning a foreign language could have the ease of studying the language and hanging out with someone who speaks that language fluently. The major goal is to get the person who is learning the language to reach a conversational level.

Junior Gary Presner is working on getting more resources for the academic club. He said, "It's important to know a different language, especially in this economy. It's a lot more difficult to get a job, so you need more things to set you aside from the other applicants." According to many panels held by professionals, it is essential to set yourself aside from other job applicants, which is why many college students try to study abroad and network.

Networking is important and usually the basis of someone landing a job. Senior Waqqas Khan, who is an e-board member of the Society of Physics Students, said that, "In this economy, networking is important for everyone. But in physics, you are the starting point of something [like a new experiment]. SGA would provide that platform for it."

According to the Hofstra website, networking is important and is one of the major reasons why some students choose to study at Hofstra, because of its connection to internships. In the Society of Physics Students, club members would have the chance to network with aspiring physicians and advanced students in order to network and show off their studies. Each month, speakers come to the Physics Department to speak about their career. According to Khan, with the new SGA-approved club, Physics students would now have the opportunity to have a one-on-one relationship with those speakers, which would lead to better networking.

Aside from those two clubs, Hofstra Goes for Gold was another club that was been passed. This club would host the Special Needs Olympics next semester. After the last allocations for the semester from the Appropriations Committee, $1,335.24 is left in the Fall budget and will be allocated to the SGA fund. According to the Report of the Vice President, there are still 10 Senate seats left.

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