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SGA audits itself in reform effort

By Ben Suazo, Assistant News Editor

This semester will mark a first, as SGA's Internal Revenue Control Board will turn its eye on the student government's own finances.

Comptroller Mike Hershfield's decision to shift the IRCB's focus inward fits a general SGA campaign of self-reform. Besides the financial audit, SGA is also anticipating a constitutional convention, as well as a social retreat (planned by OSLA) to foster leadership and community values among its senators.

"I wanted to put [the IRCB] in a different direction," Hershfield said. "It hasn't audited SGA before."  

Two students, Jillian Edwards and Mike Gueli, have been chosen by Hershfield to look at financial planning, activity fees and the funding processes of the student government.

"We're looking at what SGA is doing in terms of allocating funds," Edwards, a senior Math Education major, said of their responsibilities. She explained that the IRCB will also be looking at other universities' student governments to determine how SGA might improve its money-handling. Although Edwards does not expect to find any deliberate abuses of funds, she said that, "There's always room for improvement."

Gueli, a senior Finance major, added: "Hopefully [we'll] find…perhaps a different way [of handling funds]."

IRCB has traditionally been the auditor of student clubs that receive their funds from SGA—not of SGA itself. Hofstra Concerts' Production Manager, Ryan Sinnott, reacted positively to the new direction. "I'm happy that they're willing to…double check [their finances]. I think every club needs to do that," he said. As for Hofstra Concerts' own practices, Sinnott is confident that his club is reliable. "I don't know that we as an e-board have looked at anything, but…we do try and keep each other honest."


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