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Senior Class Challenge

By Jessica Lewis

 Seniors have been given the option to contribute to the Hofstra community, and immediately start to become active alumni with the Senior Class Challenge. "The Senior Class Challenge is a student-led campaign to raise money for The Fund for Hofstra University," said Andrew Schuetz, co-chair of the committee.

    Schuetz and Brianna Gays were given the responsibility of being co-chairs of the committee upon winning Homecoming King and Queen.  There are several other committee members, including senior, Jordan Baer who thinks the Senior Class Challenge is important.

"It's the start of contributing as alumni, I think it's important to give back to the school that has done so much for you," Baer said. "Sometimes people feel like maybe the school didn't do anything for them, I feel in my opinion Hofstra did a lot for me."

    However, there may be a disconnection between seniors and the Senior Class Challenge committee, as some seniors know nothing about it.

    "I know absolutely nothing about it, I have never heard of it and no one has ever made an effort to tell me about it as far as I know," said senior Sam Matthews. "I think that's just sort of a lame idea, I have already given the school as much money as I want to give them for the time being."

    When asked if he supported the Senior Class Challenge, senior Solon Stephanaou said, "not really, because it is a cheap way to get money."

  Senior Odel Rawda, said he would definitely donate, but isn't really sure where the money will be going.

    Seniors are asked to donate $20.11, representing their year of graduation. "This year, the class goal is to raise more than $4,400 in cash and pledges toward The Pledge to Hofstra, collect numerous gifts of $20.11 in honor of the year of graduation; and reach at least 20 percent Senior Class participation," Schuetz said.

T   he monetary donations help to provide financial aid to current and future students, fund student activities, support Hofstra faculty and improve life at Hofstra, according to Schuetz.

    Seniors that choose to donate the $20.11 will receive a class of 2011 t-shirt, an invitation to the annual Donor Appreciation Reception and recognition in the President's annual report. Donations of any amount are accepted and encouraged by the committee. T-shirts will not be given to students who donate less than $20.11.

    These donations will not only help students, but the alumni as well, Schuetz said.

"The Senior Class Challenge provides an opporunity for seniors to show their support for Hofstra and leave a legacy that gives back to future generations of students," said Amy Reich, the Director for Alumni Affairs. "By participating in the Challenge seniors also can help Hofstra's ranking in college surveys including the US News and World report."


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