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School of Comm. in Rome

By Jeena Liriano, Staff Writer

The School of Communications has officially been approved to study abroad in Rome during summer session II. A maximum of 20 students will get the privilege to take classes PR 180A and RTVF 65.

"This year professor Hillebrand and I decided that the School of Communication should have its own program," said Ellen T. Frisina, associate professor of the department of Journalism, Media Studies and Public Relations.

"In Rome, we will work with PR professionals, journalists, embassy representatives and the like to analyze the similarities and differences of public relations in Italy and the United States," said Frisina. Professor Frisina taught international PR in Venice in 2010 and will return to Venice this January 2012.

"Students will study the myriad challenges and opportunities associated with overseas television, film, and digital media production," said Randal Hollebrand, assistant professor of the Radio, Television, Video and Film department, when discussing what RTVF 65 will entail.  

"Rome is the communications capital," said Hillebrand. A good number of TV headquarters are located in Rome, he added.

Hillebrand estimates that the Study Abroad program in Rome will approximately total $8,000 per student. This includes a round trip, room and board, 2 dinners a week with the entire class, transfer to and from the airport and medical insurance as the main costs. Also the class itself and extra spending money adds to overall costs, he adds.

Hillebrand had the idea to have the School of Communications study abroad for a couple of years and worked on the proposal over the summer of 2011.

"The courses need to be approved first," said Hillebrand. Three major parts go into the process of the study abroad program, he said, "creating a budget, proposal and pedagogy." Pedagogy, he explains, is the education value students will obtain.

"American and Italian movies have been shot in Rome," said Hillebrand. "PR events have been held there as well." He described these as the motivating factors of why Rome was chosen for the Study Abroad destination. Rome is considered the "Hollywood of Europe," said Hillebrand. Cinnecitta, which means "cinema city," is a film studio in Rome students will get to visit.

"This is a great opportunity for School of Communication students to meet each other," said Hillebrand.

(Chronicle File Photo/Michaela Papa)

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