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Scene on Campus

By By Alexi Knock, Managing Editor

Natalie Dutt, a freshman journalism major hailing from Ohio, is already making bold statements on campus through her fashion sense. The Chronicle sat down with Dutt to find out her style secrets and pick her brain about the upcoming clothing season.

The Chronicle: How would you describe your style?

Natalie Dutt: Bohemian and vintage? God, I have no clue, to be honest. I just throw random stuff together in the morning.

TC: When did you become so interested in fashion?

ND: My hometown in Ohio is all farms, so no one is fashionable. I have always loved dressing up, so I started hanging out in the local ‘hipster' town for inspiration.

TC: Can you tell me about your fashion blog?

ND: It's still really small, but if I wear a really cute outfit one day I take a picture of it and say why I chose certain pieces. I love looking at blogs and I love to see how people started small and now they're sitting in the front row during Fashion Week.

TC: What is your signature piece?

ND: A ring from Thailand that I got when my family brought back our foreign exchange student last summer. I also have a bracelet that I got during a mission trip in Nicaragua. I complimented a local woman on it and she took it off her wrist and gave it to me. I always wear those two things.

TC: What is a go-to item that you think everyone should have in his or her closet?

ND: Boots. If I don't know what shoes to wear, I wear them. Or a really good dress you feel awesome in.

TC: You're in the mall. What stores do you head for first?

ND: Little boutiques or Anthropologie and Urban Outfitters.

TC: Who are your style icons?

ND: I'm into the ‘60s and ‘70s right now so I'd say Stevie Nicks. I idolize her.

TC: What fashion advice would you give others to update their fall wardrobe?

ND: Invest in tights, scarves and sweaters. That way, you can transform your summer clothes by adding those items.

TC: Do you hope to have some sort of career in fashion?

ND: I would love to steal Amy Astley's job and be the editor of Teen Vogue. Or be a stylist like Rachel Zoe. I've decided I need to work in fashion.

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